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nutrition counseling 


Individual Nutrition Counseling

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Workshops & Presentations

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Previous virtual & in-person partnership projects include...

  • Cultivating a Compassionate Relationship with Food 

  • Self & Body Image Workshop

  • Sports Nutrition: Fueling & Recovery Strategies

  • Preventive Nutrition for Chronic Diseases

We'd love to explore ideas & opportunities with you!

*Plans and coverage vary. Check out our FAQs for more info.

what clients are saying

retired distance runner

I felt out of control around certain foods and was struggling with continuous restrict/binge cycles.

After a month [of working with Lizzie], I began to eat a much wider range of foods with guilt...and found myself feeling much more satisfied after meals. I began to enjoy more desserts without feeling out of control or guilty.

I have since stopped bingeing completely. I can finally trust my body to know how much food it wants, and I feel very comfortable around food. Thoughts about food rarely occupy my mind, and food is now a largely positive aspect of my life. I am able to enjoy social gatherings much more than I could before.

Rachel A

distance runner

retired swimmer

I didn’t have an outlet when I was done swimming and it caused me to spiral and really struggle with my body and who I was. I’ve done a lot of healing
and growing from where I was but Lizzie helped me make even greater strides towards being nicer to myself and honoring my body.

I really enjoy talking about our history as student athletes and struggles with body image post athletics. It’s been super refreshing to hear someone else’s experience through it all and it’s made me feel
less alone. It has also helped me make sense of the journey I went through, why it happened the way it did, and to make peace with it.

Caroline E.

retired swimmer

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