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nutrition counseling for current & retired athletes

what clients are saying

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retired athlete distance runner

Rachel A.
retired distance runner

I felt out of control around certain foods and was struggling with continuous restrict-binge cycles.


Now I can finally trust my body to know how much food it wants and I feel very comfortable around food.


Thoughts about food rarely occupy my mind and food is now a largely positive aspect of my life. I eat a much wider range of foods without fear and am able to enjoy social gatherings much more than I could before.

retired athlete volleyball player

Dee D.
retired volleyball player

I had been struggling with an eating disorder for many years and knew I needed to take the first step to get help.


Lizzie took what I specifically struggled with and gave me tangible tools to overcome the specific struggle. She related to my athlete self.


She was not afraid to tell me what I needed to hear to challenge the thoughts and patterns that kept me stuck.


Caroline E.
retired swimmer

I didn’t have an outlet when I was done swimming and it caused me to spiral and struggle with my body and who I was.

I’ve done a lot of healing
and growing from where I was but Lizzie has already helped me make even greater strides towards being nicer to myself and honoring my body.


It’s been refreshing to hear someone else’s experience through it all and it’s made me feel less alone.

testimonial slide #2

Women Road Biking

Thomas M.

I had been competing as a triathlete for over 5 years but was still confused by misinformation online about the ideal diet and nutrition demands of competitive athletes. I turned to Lizzie to help me understand how to optimally fuel my body for both intense competitive sport and daily life.


Within weeks of beginning work with Lizzie, I clearly saw and felt the effects of my improved dietary habits. I developed the ability to listen to my body and understand its demands.


Madeline M.

retired distance runner

I was a collegiate athlete with a history of bone injuries trying to return to running.


Lizzie had experienced Division I running and helped put gaining weight into perspective of having a healthy life as a woman rather than a number on a scale. She made me feel heard and took the time to understand my thinking and adjusted the way we set goals.


She cares about you as an athlete, but most importantly a human.


Taylor M.
distance runner

Before working with Lizzie, I avoided certain foods with the mentality that they would be a detriment to my body, health, and athletic performance, despite how often I tried to convince myself that it was “healthy.” She was very relatable, constructive, and told me what I needed to hear.

I would recommend Lizzie to both athletes and non-athletes seeking guidance regarding mentality and/or lifestyle struggles surrounding food, eating, fueling for sport, fueling for daily life, etc.

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